Energy wherever you need

Energy wherever you need

Since, 1902 in India, MAN Energy Solutions has been a reliable partner in providing complete power solutions for the Energy market.
Make in India

Make in India

With mature and reliable technologies, our four-stroke engines play a leading role on the marine market. MAN Energy Solutions offers a range of high-efficiency, reliable, robust engines that feature a high power density
Reliability, Know-how and Experience

Reliability, Know-how and Experience

Join the forces with the leader in turbomachinery with the robust, reliable & versatile product range.
MAN PrimeServ India

MAN PrimeServ India

The service brand of MAN Energy Solutions that is synonymous with first-class After Sales Service throughout the world - round the clock, 365 days.
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As the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of low and medium speed engines MAN Energy Solutions has a large involvement in the power plant business, which goes back to 1904. Since that time, MAN Energy Solutions has never lost its technological pre-eminence in the field and our engines have never lost their status as the most efficient combustion engine available on the market.

MAN ES Engine design is based on continuous development to meet the customers’ requirements in the following focus areas:

  • Highest fuel efficiency
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High reliability
  • Operational flexibility – from base load to standby
  • Wide fuel flexibility
  • Wide scope for thermal energy recovery
  • Insensitivity to high ambient temperatures and high-altitude locations
  • Modular concept for flexible capacity expansion

The MAN Energy Solutions engines of our design are characterized by robustness, reliability, simple operation and easy maintenance, which are preconditions for achieving an availability of more than 8,000 hours per year.

Small Bore Engines-Made in India for the globe


These well-established engine types are used in various applications all around the world. Based on long-term experience, the engines are subject to continuous development to improve power, emissions, fuel consumption and reliability, making them the ‘work horse’ in your power house. MAN four-stroke small bore diesel engines are designed to offer the optimum in fuel flexibility. The engines are the ideal source of power whether you want to build a ‘green power plant’ burning liquid bio fuels or you need power from crude oil. Please contact MAN Energy Solutions for further information. Liquid fuels: diesel, HFO, liquid bio fuel and crude oil.

Our factory in Aurangabad for smallbore diesel engine production wherein we manufacture four-stroke engines for marine and power plant applications. While these engines compete with high-speed alternatives in the sub 2000kW market, their slower operation makes them more fuel efficient and less liable to wear, giving them a longer lifecycle.

The philosophy:

MAN Energy Solutions has more than 20 years of experience in building small power plants with our worldwide partners. A small power plant usually means a plant with single or multiple units of approximately 1-4 MW/unit. The basic idea of the concept is to keep overall costs as low as possible by working with a high degree of standardisation and using as much local equipment and manpower as possible. ‘Low costs for us implies low costs for you’. The partner concept is basically a concept where we work with local or international partners, who then build power plants based on our GenSets and with our basic documentation and engineering. The remaining plant equipment and civil works are then delivered either by the partner or the customer, as the case may be. MAN Energy Solutions has a great interest in maintaining the relevant standard and quality of all plants equipped with our GenSets. For this reason, we provide partners and customers with our standard documentation, enabling the builder to complete the plant and the user to operate the plant successfully.